DCCU Adds Average of 300 New Cards/Month with Help of Advisors Plus

DuPont Community Credit Union (DCCU), headquartered in Waynesboro, VA, has come a long way since its founding in 1959 with a "branch" in the basement of a local DuPont employee's home. Today, DCCU serves 60,000 members and has assets of nearly $790 million.

DCCU engaged Advisors Plus in early 2012 to conduct its annual marketing campaign to expand its credit card member base.  Advisors Plus developed an offer which included a pre-approved DCCU Visa Platinum Rewards Card with a 1.99% APR for twelve months, and reward points on gas and groceries, including 5,000 incentive bonus points after the first $500 of spending.

The promotion, which was mailed to 4,441 prospects, generated an impressive 7.79% response rate, and translated to 346 new credit card accounts for DCCU. The promotion kickstarted DuPont's ongoing marketing efforts so that DCCU is now averaging approximately 300 new accounts per month--triple its previous rate of 100.