Credit Card Start-up Programs

Consider the Plus Factor

Credit cards are the best possible product your credit union can add to increase member participation and loyalty, and they have the highest profit potential of any loan product.

Let Advisors Plus help your credit union develop an ideal card suite uniquely tailored to delight both your members and your bottom line. 

Whether you're like OnPoint offering cards for the first time, or Allegacy deciding to re-enter the business, Advisors Plus consultants can give you a turnkey solution that analyzes your market, uses Advisors Plus proprietary software to optimize your underwriting and pricing and provides you with customized marketing support and back-end analytics to maximize ROI and profitability.

Come to the Plus Side

Partnering with Advisors Plus starts with a two-day onsite meeting:

  • Day 1 resolves key decisions regarding strategic, marketing, risk, pricing and regulatory issues.
  • Day 2 reviews technical and systems requirements to map out a joint game plan and timetable for implementation.

Following launch, Advisors Plus provides:

  • Telephone follow-up consulting whenever needed
  • Ongoing tracking reports and industry benchmarks to analyze portfolio success and profitability