Operations Optimization

Consider the Plus Factor

For many credit unions, back-office functions are easy to put on the back burner until a problem causes them to boil over. Then the search is on for a workaround that will keep the member-facing side of the business running at any cost. Sound familiar?

Let Advisors Plus operations consultants introduce your credit union to a better, more consistent way to manage the unseen but vital operations hubs of your organization. Our consultants don't just solve operations problems; they prevent them from happening in the first place.

The Advisors Plus operations team has identified Nine Key Fundamentals that will keep your credit union operations functioning effectively and efficiently. Citadel worked with Advisors Plus when staffing shortages led to sudden service declines, and found a way to increase flex staffing without increasing costs.

Whatever the operational challenge—maintaining service excellence, controlling costs or general procedure and workflow analysis—Advisors Plus consultants have analyzed and conquered it, usually from both the client and consulting vantage points.

Come to the Plus Side

Partnering with Advisors Plus to optimize operations starts with an in-depth onsite review of your credit union's operations as a whole, with special concentration on the pain points or bottlenecks that have been identified.

We'll incorporate our encyclopedic knowledge of industry best practices and service benchmarks to create and implement a customized solution which includes:

  • Meetings with your senior management team
  • Ongoing monitoring of performance metrics to ensure future success