Ramping Up Citadel’s Contact Center to Meet Member Demand

Citadel Federal Credit Union has served the greater Philadelphia area for 75 years, and today can claim 125,000 members and $1.5 billion in assets. Advisors Plus has worked with Citadel since its own founding in 2005, making Citadel one of Advisors Plus's oldest clients.

Citadel is extremely proud of delivering superior customer service, and for many years has been an industry leader in providing excellent member care while carefully containing staffing costs. In 2010, Citadel became concerned that its contact center wasn't delivering the level of service its members had grown accustomed to, and asked Advisors Plus to conduct a comprehensive Contact Center Review.

Advisors Plus identified staffing shortages that were leading to high call-abandon rates of nearly twice the industry average. They also validated Citadel's perception that contact center efficiency had recently declined, by measuring a 10% increase in abandon rates versus 2009 levels.

Advisors Plus increased Citadel's contact center capacity through outsourced call overflow, which increased staffing flexibility while controlling variable expenses.  Restructuring the automatic call distribution system and adopting a Knowledgebase System with extensive product information cut member wait time nearly in half, from 85 seconds to 47, and reduced the abandon rate from 13% to less than 9%.