Meet Our Team

Frank A. Kovach
Contact Center & Operations
(727) 566-4013

Frank A. Kovach is Director of Contact Center and Operations Consulting for Advisors Plus.  Frank engages with credit unions to identify cost savings and improve operational efficiencies through process change, increased employee engagement and deployment of technology.

Frank’s 30-year career in financial services includes extensive experience in back room operational departments and call centers. Frank focuses on driving improved execution through a solid understanding of key relevant metrics, critical components of employee engagement, logical process flows, and implementing incentive plans to enhance performance and sales.

Before joining Advisors Plus, Frank served as VP, Finance and Monetary Services for National City Card Services (now PNC Bank) where he was responsible for a budget of over $90 million and implemented strategies that led to $5 million in annual savings.

Frank holds a B.A. in Business Administration, with majors in Finance and Management, from Western Michigan University.