Meet Our Team

Michael Gulledge
Portfolio Reviews
(813) 523-8417

Michael Gulledge is Director of Portfolio Review Consulting at Advisors Plus. Mike uses his 25-year track record as a senior executive in the credit card industry to perform in-depth credit card P & L reviews for credit unions.  His analyses focus on presenting both strategic recommendations for improving a credit card portfolio’s financial performance and on creating a blueprint for its ongoing management as well.

Mike’s group at Advisors Plus performs over 60 credit card P & L reviews a year, each one the beneficiary of his unique experience managing complex operating areas with large numbers of employees.  Mike’s personal C-suite perspective enables him to present pragmatic recommendations that address not only strategic concerns but organizational and tactical implementation issues as well.

Before joining Advisors Plus, Mike served as a senior executive in the Credit Card Division of American General Finance and prior to that, as VP of Card Services for Fidelity National Bank. He has managed credit card portfolios approaching $2.0 billion in balances with 1 million cardholders.

Mike holds a B.S. in Business Management from Indiana State University and an MBA from the University of Evansville. He is also a graduate of the ABA National School of Bank Card Management.