Decision Guides

Advisors Plus Decision Guides combine the cutting-edge thought leadership of our POVs with the tactical focus of our case studies to create personalized decision frameworks to guide your credit union in making product decisions.

We’ve designed our Decision Guides to jumpstart your background understanding of potential growth opportunities, raise questions for your management to consider, and allow you to customize an approach that fits your needs.

Does an Affinity Card Program Spell Opportunity for Your Credit Union?

Today’s affinity card programs boast improved card features and more advantageous pricing and interchange rates. But does that necessarily make an affinity card program right for your credit union? This Advisors Plus Decision Guide creates a self-guided, hands-on decision framework to help your credit union analyze that question and identify the financial, marketing and compliance support it needs.

Full-Service Versus In-House Processing: Your Credit Union’s Complete Guide to Picking the Perfect Plan and Avoiding Possible Pitfalls

As today’s credit card managers work to enhance both member service and profit margins, they have become increasingly proactive about investigating the range of full-service and in-house card processing options available to them. But with the growing array of vendors and offerings, it can be tough to compare apples to apples when it comes to evaluating the costs and features of different plans. This Advisors Plus Decision Guide provides an impartial, flexible, self-guided framework that allows credit unions to work at their own pace to understand the trade-offs between plans and craft the perfect hybrid program to fit their needs.