As highly complex financial institutions that are closely followed by both regulators and the business press, there is no shortage of data collected about credit unions. But for credit union managers, too much data can present just as much challenge as too little.

At Advisors Plus, we know that deciding what numbers to analyze, what benchmarks to use in analyzing them and what actions to take as a result, can make seeing the forest for the trees seem like an art form.

Seeing the forest for the trees is our business. When we describe our consulting approach as data-driven, we mean that we find the sweet spot where analysis leads to better decision making and clear-cut recommendations for future action.

To illustrate our approach, our Advisors Plus consultants have developed a series of what we call Instant Insight Diagnostics—short series of questions, metrics and action steps about major aspects of credit union business.

We welcome you to take any or all of them to help quantify the challenges and opportunities your credit union may face this year—and how to be proactive in dealing with them.

Answer two quick questions to gauge the potential of your checking business:

An action plan to fine-tune the key aspects of your credit card business.

Are you maximizing your credit union’s debit business potential? Find out!

Exciting revenue and membership growth tactics, and how to use them.

A big-picture snapshot of how various metrics impact your bottom line.