With 250+ years of combined financial services experience, our Advisors Plus consultants know the credit union business inside and out. Their industry knowledge is both broad and deep, and they are pleased to share their thought leadership on various cutting-edge topics through these in-depth position papers.

Transitioning Your Credit Card Portfolio to Variable Rate APRs: A Look at How..and Why Now?

The CARD Act left credit unions with very little recourse available to re-price in the event of rising market interest rates, and although the Fed’s monetary policy has so far kept rates at record lows, recent political events and management changes at the Federal Reserve could signal more volatility on the horizon.

Meet the Four Metrics That Matter in Today’s SMART Contact Center

Sophisticated ACD systems have put a wealth of highly sophisticated metrics at contact center managers’ fingertips, but analyzing and understanding the data can be a challenging full time job.  Using detailed charts and analytics drawn from its proprietary databases, the Advisors Plus Contact Center Consulting team shares its insights into the good, the bad—and the truly confusing and unnecessary—behind several  popular metrics and discusses how taking a "SMART" approach that integrates Science, Metrics and the Art of management will yield the most service-oriented approach.

Rekindling Questions on Non-Variable/Fixed Credit Card APRs in a Rising Rate Environment

For many credit unions, the Fed’s 25-basis point rate increase in December 2016 — only the second in a decade — raises questions regarding the impact of rising funding costs on their margins and profitability. With analysts predicting 3 to 4 additional rate hikes in 2017, Advisors Plus recommends that issuers take timely action to protect against funding cost volatility by pricing their credit cards and other open-end credit products using variable APRs.

Will the Trump Administration Disrupt the 2017 Payments Landscape? What Credit Unions Need to Know

President Trump has unveiled the broad outline of his plan to reform the financial system and regulatory environment, and his policy proposals include repeal of the Durbin Amendment and restructuring of the CFPB. With credit unions eager to address the massive increases in compliance costs they have experienced in recent years, Advisors Plus looks at Trump’s Executive Order and lays out what to expect from Congress for the remainder of 2017.

Are Changes Ahead for Debit Interchange? Helping Your Credit Union Be Aware and Prepared

Sweeping changes to debit interchange and debit network exclusivity brought forth by the Durbin Amendment and Federal Reserve Regulation II have transformed the marketplace since 2010. Now, with a district court decision that could overturn Reg II and cause it to be rewritten, Advisors Plus provides timely advice to credit unions on ways to mitigate potential risks and capitalize on possible opportunities while awaiting the appellate court's final verdict.

It's All About Fundamentals - Managing Your Contact Center Efficiently.

In today's fast-paced business environment, your contact center can play a significant role in defining your credit union brand, reinforcing member loyalty, and enhancing your service identity. Handle the call effectively and you boost your image. Mishandle the call and it's amazing how much damage an unhappy customer can do via social media.  Here’s how to master today’s contact center environment.

Let's Chat - Key Considerations When Implementing Chat in Your Contact Center

Live Chat icons are becoming increasingly common on retail shopping sites but will a technology that works for selling shoes be a plus for your credit union?  Advisors Plus crunches the numbers and provides some surprising insights into the pros and cons of live chat that every credit union manager should know.

Creating Sales Incentives for the Contact Center

As financial institutions focus more on extending a sales culture throughout the organization, the contact center sits squarely in management's sights as a major catalyst for boosting product sales to current and potential members.  Find out how to capture the upside and avoid the downside of this exciting new sales channel.