Speakers Bureau

The Advisors Plus Experts Exchange (APEX) can provide your credit union or industry organization with access to our industry experts for speaking engagements, media interviews and in-house presentations or training.

Our speakers combine a passion for their subject matter with perspective, clarity and wit to give audiences accessible, actionable, enjoyable speeches, panel discussions and webinars.

Whether you are a conference leader seeking a keynote speaker or panelist, a financial journalist seeking expertise for an article or a credit union manager planning a C-suite meeting, you can be sure that Advisors Plus will utilize whatever venue and timeframe you have in mind to engage your audience and get them thinking, interacting and learning as never before.

Contact Dawn Graff for more information on finding the perfect APEX speaker for your upcoming event.

Analytics & Marketing

Michelle H. Hillenbrand-Whale

Michelle Hillenbrand-Whale likes to say that her marketing mission is to craft the right campaign for the right credit union member at the right time, and as head of Advisors Plus Marketing Services, she did precisely that over 900 times last year for her grateful clients.

Michelle’s 20+ years of experience in marketing, analytics, branch sales, and direct marketing give her unique insights into the science and art of creating targeted growth campaigns for credit unions.  Her efforts achieve industry-leading results, but just as important to Michelle, they unite credit union personnel from all departments around the common purpose of outstanding member service.

In her lively training sessions and speeches, Michelle takes the role of energetic player-coach to show your organization how modern analytics and good old-fashioned customer service can combine to create marketing magic for your credit union.

Sample speaking topics

Establishing and Executing a Winning Marketing Plan for Your Credit Card Products

Using Predictive Analytics to Forecast Your Marketing Success

Branch Out!  Helping Your Branch Staff Take a Campaign from Good to Great


Debit & Checking

Norman C. Patrick, Jr.

Norm Patrick is one of the country’s leading experts on debit card program management and profitability. With over 25 years of prior experience, including managing one of the largest debit portfolios in the U.S., Norm originated the Debit and Checking practice at Advisors Plus and now heads the entire Consulting group.

Norm has worked with hundreds of credit unions to help them increase profitability and enhance member satisfaction, and also has extensive experience in consumer loan operations and the management of project teams.

Norm’s speaking engagements combine insightful industry and regulatory overviews with tangible recommendations to foster lively audience Q & A sessions. His recent analysis of the Durbin Amendment and its effect on credit union debit and checking programs is a prime example. Follow Norm Patrick on Twitter @NormOnPayments.

Sample Speaking Topics

Profits on the Move: What Mobile Banking Means for Your Bottom Line

Don’t Let “Debit Profit” Become an Oxymoron for Your Credit Union

Kari Anne Arnosk

Kari Anne Arnosk combines her passion for financial services trendspotting with decades of proven experience to help her clients stay ahead of the curve with customized debit and checking solutions.

As Director of Debit Consulting at Advisors Plus, Kari Anne works with client teams at credit unions to provide comprehensive but targeted recommendations to maximize growth and deepen relationships.

In her speeches, Kari Anne builds instant rapport with her audiences by sharing her eclectic experiences in financial services, which range from strategy and branding, to branch management, to small business lending.

Sample Speaking Topics

Overdraft and Interchange: Impacts to Credit Union Financials and Areas of Focus to Preserve ROA

Checks and Balances:  Guiding and Energizing Your Checking Product Strategy

Big Lessons from the Small Business Trenches

Credit Cards

Christopher D. Joy

Chris Joy has earned an industry-wide reputation for creating balanced, effective and credit union-centric credit card portfolio solutions based on his unique insights into the highly competitive credit card marketplace.

He brings 30+ years of experience in portfolio growth, profitability enhancement and the creation of member reward programs to his role as Principal Consultant with the Credit Card practice of Advisors Plus.

Chris rewards his listening audience with a highly knowledgeable and entertaining look at the good, the badly understood and the ugly downsides of starting, rebooting or growing a credit card program.

Sample Speaking Topics

Financial Modeling for Credit Card ROI

Building Credit Card Management Reports

Marketing for Growth in Cards

Contact Center

Frank A. Kovach

Frank Kovach is a leading expert in Contact Center and Operations consulting, with over 30 years of experience helping credit unions to identify cost savings, improve operational efficiencies, and implement incentive plans to enhance performance and sales.

Frank is a Director at Advisors Plus, where his team has worked with dozens of credit unions to create and implement strategies to improve contact center excellence and profitability.

Frank is a frequent and engaging speaker who also publishes extensively on contact centers and operations. Frank’s ability to communicate about technically complex subjects in an accessible way puts his work on the “must-see” list for operations and general managers alike.

Sample Speaking Topics

Calls to Action:  Moving Your Contact Center from Service to Sales
Answering the Call for Excellence in Your Contact Center
What’s in It for Me?  Creating Compelling Incentives for the Contact Center