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Experience Growth with Advisors Plus

As leading-edge financial institution consultants with decades of combined experience, Advisors Plus works with credit unions and community banks to help them grow and meet challenges unique to their goals. Our consultants create insightful, data-driven portfolio growth recommendations that deliver measurable results. Find out how your financial institution can take advantage of Advisors Plus expertise to expand your credit and debit card portfolios, , optimize operations and fully manage marketing growth campaigns that strengthen your bottom line.


Gross Active Accounts

With Advisors Plus 6.07%

Without Advisors Plus 2.33%

Increasing active accounts is a major factor in determining portfolio growth. Successful financial institutions smartly invest in account acquisition programs while using available information and technology to ensure that high-quality performance standards are maintained. In turn, more quality accounts will drive growth in sales volume and balances – which are the lynchpins for interchange and finance charge revenue respectively.

Outstanding Balances

With Advisors Plus 6.86%

Without Advisors Plus 0.34%

The importance of balance growth is related to the growth of finance charge revenue – the key to a credit card program’s profitability and main driver of the bottom line. With increasing pressure on interest rates, finance charge revenue is an increasingly important component of portfolio profitability.




With Advisors Plus 10%

Without Advisors Plus 5.49%

Transaction growth occurs through both account growth and account management. Engaged financial institutions not only focus on growing their account base but also execute targeted marketing programs that increase usage within their existing portfolios. These programs typically include tactics such as Reward incentives and credit line increases – all designed in a way to responsibly increase usage and gain top-of-wallet status.

Overall Dollar Volume

With Advisors Plus 10.17%
Without Advisors Plus 6.79%

Be sure to look at how your card loans have increased in the past. Is it growth that comes from new balances or is it coming from finance charges and fee income? Do your payments exceed sales, leaving growth to finance charges and fees?



Meet Advisors Plus

Find out how your financial institution can take advantage of Advisors Plus expertise and analytics.

Why Advisors Plus – Watch Now!

Client Success Highlight

Mike Murphy, President and CEO, Holyoke CU

“They have a well-organized program and they guide us through it step-by-step. Advisors Plus has a concise and well-organized timeline that keeps us focused so we get our marketing programs out on a consistent basis. They are very attentive to our needs and provide a lot of feedback during campaigns.”

Client Success Highlight

Leigh-Ann Bailey, Member Experience Analyst, Founders FCU

“It wasn’t just their knowledge and command of tactics that made a strong impression. They can balance being very technical, very detailed and very data driven, and still find a way to connect.”

Client Success Highlight

Kevin Miller, President and CEO, CFE

“Over the years, Advisors plus has given us a lot of insights as they come in and help us go through our whole portfolio. This gives us the opportunity to review trends over time in a way that isn’t possible for someone just reading a report.”

Client Success Highlight

Mike Fox, Director, Lending Product Management, BCU

“With Advisors Plus support, we continue to expand the scope of growth initiatives, test new offers, and develop more targeted and cost-effective account management strategies.”

Client Success Highlight

Edyta Martula, Senior Vice President/Head of Retail Strategy and Credit Card Services, Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union

“For planning purposes, marketing analysis is very helpful in understanding the potential impact of a campaign. We feel strongly that this type of analysis is one of the key benefits of running campaigns through Advisors Plus. Great job – thank you!”

Client Success Highlight

Patricia Ilijic, Executive Vice President, PAHO/WHO FCU

“We are happy to have Advisors Plus as an extended arm for us to use to accomplish certain goals. We don’t have a lot of manpower and we have a diverse membership. Though the credit union’s unique situation could pose a challenge for some, Advisors Plus stepped up without any hesitation.”

How can Advisors Plus cost-effectively help your financial institution reach aggressive growth goals?

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