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Debit and Checking Consulting

Advisors Plus takes a comprehensive, data-driven approach to debit and checking portfolios to assess performance, assess risks and identify opportunities. Our consultant’s extensive knowledge of the industry, access to data, and defined approach allow us to solve the most complex checking and debit challenges our credit unions face.

Debit Growth

Few credit unions thoroughly understand their performance relative to growth of key debit metrics and checking accounts. Viewed correctly, there are opportunities to improve performance and navigate risks in the debit portfolio. Our portfolio analysis provides credit unions this detailed understanding of their performance. It is a comprehensive assessment detailing the credit unions current success, challenges and opportunities to drive member, account, transaction and interchange growth.

Product Review

Debit and checking portfolios are often such mainstays of a credit union's product offerings that it's easy to take them for granted and overlook their contribution to member growth and satisfaction. Competition for checking accounts and payment transactions continues to intensify with major banks now dominating account openings and digital banks growing fast by focusing on debit. Ensuring you have the right products is critical. Advisors Plus helps you understand the competitiveness of your checking products and alternatives to improve member appeal and marketability.


Our defined process includes proprietary benchmarks to let Owners understand their performance relative to others.


We conduct detailed analyses combining payment data, business practices and product performance to uncover opportunities for credit unions.


Advisors Plus provides counsel, advice and direction to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate threats for credit unions.

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