Credit Card Portfolio Analysis

Consider the Plus Factor

Your credit union's card portfolio may be doing "just fine," but chances are it has untapped potential to deliver far greater profits and deeper member satisfaction, while reducing risk to you.

Let Advisors Plus show you how the insights of an in-depth portfolio analysis can identify impactful improvements to your credit union's product mix, collection procedures, and operations that you can take straight to the bottom line.  

Advisors Plus has performed nearly 500 portfolio analyses, often with dramatic results, such as AmeriCU’s 57% loan balance growth over a 2-year period and CFE’s sizzling 67.2% growth in annual card income.

Our deep industry experience and proprietary analytics give our Advisors Plus experts a unique vantage point to benchmark your credit union’s current performance and unlock its market potential.

Come to the Plus Side

Partnering with Advisors Plus on a portfolio analysis starts with comprehensive data collection and ends with an onsite meeting with your C-suite management which includes:

  • A presentation and Q & A session exploring all key data and findings
  • A comprehensive written report including recommendations

Following the portfolio analysis, Advisors Plus provides follow-up through:

  • Telephone consulting
  • Implementation assistance in the operational, collections or marketing areas identified