Balance Transfer Campaigns

Consider the Plus Factor

Balance transfer campaigns can offer enormous value-added to your credit union members because they can be flexibly targeted to both individual members and to the calendar periods when their peak spending tends to occur.

Advisors Plus can help your credit union launch a customized annual calendar of balance transfer campaigns (such as post-holiday and back-to-school), as it did with Baxter. Or use Municipal’s approach of creating a campaign to jumpstart the usage of inactive cards.

Whatever your marketing goals, Advisors Plus can use its proprietary algorithms and databases to set campaign benchmarks to determine who should receive an increased credit limit and how much the increase should be. Back-end analytics can then measure performance against those benchmarks, versus a prior campaign, or relative to a control group or industry average.

Come to the Plus Side

Partnering with Advisors Plus to design a balance transfer campaign is one of the fastest and easiest ways to see how a marketing campaign can invigorate your credit union’s portfolio and bottom line.

Results occur rapidly, and credit risks are low. Advisors Plus can tailor not only the recipients of your campaign but its delivery channels, language and branded look as well. Take advantage of our marketing resources and flexibility to create a campaign your members will thank you for receiving.