Credit & Debit Card Growth Campaigns

Consider the Plus Factor

Credit and debit card growth campaigns are a win-win strategy for both your members and your credit union. Let Advisors Plus Marketing Services show you how to run innovative, targeted growth campaigns that increase your member loyalty and account activity while minimizing your underwriting and portfolio risk.

We help our credit union clients achieve an average penetration rate of 24%--dramatically above the industry average of 18%--by using Advisors Plus proprietary SAS selection and exclusion-criteria software to project participation and profitability for various campaigns.

Our marketing team can work with you to set your growth objectives and develop the right tactics to achieve them.  For example, we can help you adjust underwriting and credit line assignment policies to fine tune your credit card approval rates, or jumpstart inactive accounts through reward or cash-back offers.

Advisors Plus can tailor a single growth campaign or a series of initiatives. We helped AmeriCU grow loan balances by 57% to 11.2 million over a two-year period, while CFE’s campaign posted a 67.2% gain in annual card income.

Come to the Plus Side

When your credit union partners with Advisors Plus to design a credit or debit card growth campaign, we start with a data-driven approach to provide you with customized data mining, predictive modeling and segmentation analysis.

Advisors Plus then tailors your campaign execution through direct mail and branch sales to insure that your marketing campaign achieves your growth objectives and delights your members.