New Member Acquisition Programs

Consider the Plus Factor

Credit unions provide an outstanding value proposition compared with Big Banks, but in today's competitive world, marketing is more important than ever to reach new members.

Our Advisors Plus Marketing Services team can use its experience and advanced analytics to show you how to break through the clutter and reach the right new member at the right time with the right exciting offer.

For example, we can help you run campaigns to promote new accounts sold in your branch(es), or create a preapproved direct mail campaign to capture your members who don't frequent a branch office.

Whether it's a custom new member acquisition program like the one that tripled DuPont's account acquisition rate, or an irresistible holiday or back-to-school promotion, Advisors Plus can develop the perfect campaign for your timeframe, growth goals and budget.

Come to the Plus Side

Advisors Plus proprietary SAS analytics let us give you data mining and segmentation capabilities that translate to the highest response rates in the industry.

Our targeted offerings, combined with our industry-leading direct mail capabilities, will have your credit union wondering why it didn’t launch a new member acquisition program sooner.