Meet Our Team

At Advisors Plus, our team stands ready to partner with your credit union to help you meet your goals. Our consultants bring 250+ combined years of industry expertise, thought leadership and analytical experience to bear on your financial and marketing challenges.

Whether your credit union is looking for new ways to delight members with exceptional offerings, build a legacy of community involvement, create the strongest possible capital footing—or all of the above—meet the Advisors Plus team who will help you turn those plans into reality.

Glynn E. Frechette
SVP, Advisors Plus
Michelle H. Hillenbrand-Whale
VP, Marketing Services
Norman C. Patrick, Jr.
VP, Consulting Services
David Ross
VP, Predictive Analytics
Kari Anne Arnosk
Debit & Checking
Michael Gulledge
Portfolio Reviews
Christopher D. Joy
Credit Cards
Katie Kean
Credit Cards
Frank A. Kovach
Contact Center & Operations
Barney Moore
Credit Cards
Bradley J. Wylie
Credit Cards
Tom Bennett
Advisors Plus Consulting